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Create Your Own Bikini/Wellness Suit!

Create Your Own Bikini/Wellness Suit!

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See a lot of beautiful bikinis but just not quite "the one" for you? Fill out our traditional online order form below to work with Maria via email on creating a brand new, never before seen custom bikini/wellness suit! Here you can upload inspiration photos of competition suits you adore, notate any concerns, input measurements and more to begin customizing your very own unique piece.

Don't feel comfortable starting here? Email Maria to schedule a 1-hour in-person OR virtual consultation (via Facetime or Whatsapp) instead.

An in-person fitting or Online Fitting Assessment is included with your order. Please refer to the FAQ page for further details on how we fit our competition suits.

Upon submitting your order form, Maria will email you within 48 hours to proceed with your order. Pricing will be determined when all design details are finalized.