♛ About Us

Goddess GlamCompetition Suits, LLC specializes in custom competition bikinis and posing suits for female fitness and bodybuilding competitors local to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas, USA. All suits are created and produced locally from scratch, stoned by hand, and a variety of fabrics, connectors and crystal colors can be combined to create a unique suit for every female athlete. Whether in person or online, Maria, owner and designer of Goddess Glam, extensively learns the characteristics of each athlete’s physique — from the first-time amateur to the seasoned professional competitor — to provide both the best fitting and most flattering competition suits in the competitive bodybuilding industry. Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC strives for superior quality, proper fit, durability and exceptional customer service to make each athlete look glamorous and feel like a Goddess.


In May of 2014, Maria had competed in her first competition, the Ronnie Coleman Classic in Mesquite, Texas, in the figure division. Eager to get her first show under her belt, yet on a strict budget, Maria had purchased a plain figure suit from a local costume designer and applied her knowledge and experience in embellishing costumes from her years as a dancer to adorn it herself. Within the next ten months, local competitors little by little took notice of Maria's suit and soon-to-be established craft, and with each referral to help strengthen her artistry, word had spread so much that her part-time hobby had snowballed into a complete business. In March of 2015, Goddess Glam Competition Suits was born.
Throughout the course of its business journey, Goddess Glam has already worked with thousands of athletes who have competed from local amateur shows all the way through the Mr. Olympia contest, now known as the "Superbowl" of bodybuilding and the highest level of competition of this sport in the world. Though we mostly serve athletes in the NPC and IFBB organizations, Goddess Glam has had the pleasure of working with competitors also in the WBFF, INBA, PNBA, GBO, NFF INBF and CBBF. We have accommodated athletes both in all 50 US states and internationally.


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