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♛ Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of our frequently asked questions. Please read carefully and if you have any further questions, please contact us.

  1. How will I know if my suit will fit me correctly?
    1. All of our suits are customarily made to each athlete’s measurements and body stats. Height, hip measurements, bra size, whether or not you have implants, and weight loss and more are all accounted for when creating a custom suit. Furthermore, every client has the opportunity to try her suit on before stonework is applied (extra shipping rates apply for international clients). This way, any necessary adjustments can be done ahead of time without crystals getting in the way, and you will not have to worry about having alterations made right before your show.
    2. If you are local to Dallas/Fort Worth, or at least willing to travel (we have met with clients from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arizona, and more!), it is highly recommended to meet with Maria in person for your fitting.
    3. Not local? No problem! Your suit will otherwise be mailed to you for an online fitting assessment (again, extra shipping rates apply to international). When we would mail the suit to you for an online fitting assessment, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information, as well as specific instructions for trying on your suit so Maria can properly assess the fit of each suit. Mostly, photos and videos will suffice. However, sometimes video chatting is necessary and totally welcome.
    4. Be sure to notify us of any special requests for your suit on the online order form when ordering (i.e. higher bottom cut due to c-section scars, wide-set implants, preference of coverage for bottoms, etc.).
  2. What kind of bottom cut should I get?
    1. Firstly, we do not offer our clients choices for bottom cut styles (i.e. pro, brazilian, moderate, etc.) Instead, we have several more top/bottom patterns, which are completely exclusive to Goddess Glam and NO other designer in the world, to accommodate different hip measurements, heights and body compositions. In sizing your suit, we would choose a set of patterns we feel would fit you best, and after your in-person fitting/online fitting assessment, we would alter the suit however necessary to fit you as perfectly as possible, even if that means cutting and sewing entirely new cups, bottoms or even a whole new suit! We have gone to great lengths to create and update our patterns as much as we feel necessary, as well as to make sure our clients are completely comfortable and flattered in their suits. In fact, many times we have created new patterns to accommodate just one client!
    2. All bikini bottoms are slightly heart-shaped when cut and have a scrunch in the center of the back to enhance round, peachy glutes. Figure/physique suits are cut to have a sharp, deep V in the front and back without any back scrunch. Though every suit is customized to each athlete’s liking and measurements, we do still have a particular way of cutting our suits as we feel this way looks most professional, sophisticated and overall most flattering across the board.
    3. It is important to check your preferred competitive federation’s regulations regarding suit bottom coverage as some organizations will disqualify athletes with inappropriate bottom coverage. This is why we ask for the name of the organization you will be competing in on our online order form.
  3. Am I able to return/exchange my suit?
    1. No, we have strict terms on no returns/exchanges/refunds.
    2. All suits are made completely from scratch, embellished by hand, and customarily made and altered exactly to each client’s liking and measurements. We do everything we can within reason to eliminate any flaws in your suit before the stonework is applied and especially before the final product is delivered. Because of this, suits may not be returned nor exchanged, and no refunds will be granted at any time. Read more in our Terms & Conditions.
  4. How much do your suits cost?
    1. Goddess Glam custom competition suits can be priced anywhere between about $150 and $1200 depending on the amount of stonework, choice in connectors, and whether you embellish with Budget Bling or Swarovski crystals. See the galleries under the Pricing pages for custom examples of suits and their prices.
  5. What is the difference between Olympian Bling and Budget Bling?
    1. Our Olympian Bling crystals are the highest quality, most luminous and most uniquely colored crystals in the world. With a wide variety of cuts, colors, sizes and shapes, there really is no limit in combining these elements in designing an original creation of a competition suit. Historically, the crystals we have named as our Olympian Bling have been featured on numerous occasions, such as on the star which tops the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York City, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Phantom of the Opera, Sex and the City 2, and on performance clothing worn by world-renowned celebrities like Michael Jackson and Madonna. This is the level of quality we prefer and strive to bring to our competition suits.
    2. Our Budget Bling is a collection of rhinestones, imitation stones of higher quality gems, like diamonds, crystals, etc. They cost much less than Olympian Bling, which in turn lowers the price of a Budget Bling competition suit to accommodate a lower budget. The color selection for our Budget Bliny is extremely limited as we only choose colors that shine best on stage, and most of our designs, especially on our figure and women’s physique suits, will only be embellished with our Olympian Bling to preserve the integrity and uniqueness of each design. Our Budget Bling is, of course, not as high of quality, durability and brilliance as our Olympian Bling is,  however, they certainly still look bright and blingy on stage.
    3. Compare Budget Bling suits on the Pricing pages here on our website.
  6. My boobs are so small, and/or I do not have breast implants. Does padding come with your suits?
    1. One set of foam-padded cups is included with every suit to enhance what you already have. Most girls with breast implants, or girls with a natural full C or D cup, typically only need these included pads. However, for those with a B cup size or less, we also offer silicone inserts at only $16 per set to add on top of the included foam padding, completely fill out your top and add 1-2 cup sizes to your bust. This option can be selected on our online order form.
    2. If you take a look at our Instagram page (@Goddessglamsuits), you will see many photos of our gorgeous clients and notice that not one girl looks flat-chested. :)
  7. How long will it take for me to receive my finished suit?
    1. Typical turnaround time for custom bikinis is 5-6 weeks; for figure/women’s physique suits, 8-10 weeks. However, turnaround times may increase/decrease depending on our current volume of orders or the time of the year. It is important to follow and turn on post notifications for our Instagram page, @Goddessglamsuits, for the most up-to-date turnaround times.
  8. How do I clean/care for my suit?
    1. To remove tan stains, it is best to simply spot-treat the lining and edges of the suit to remove excess tanner only with cold water, mild detergent and a soft washcloth or gentle cleaning brush for gentle scrubbing. Lay out to dry. DO NOT submerge in water, DO NOT machine wash/dry and absolutely NO dry cleaning. Our glue used to used to apply the crystals is water soluble, so hand-washing or soaking your suit in water will soften the glue, which will result in loose or missing crystals.
    2. DO NOT swim in your bikini (again, no submerging in water, especially chlorinated water).
    3. Wipe down crystals with a microfiber cloth to keep them shining brightly.
    4. Store your suit in one of our Goddess Glam cases, and fold it respectfully to keep it from rubbing up against other garments, attracting dust, etc. DO NOT stuff your suit in your show day bag when carrying it around at your show. If you do not have one of our recommended Goddess Glam Cases, any other case made for storing bras or even a shoe box will suffice.
    5. Your suit is best stored at room temperature. DO NOT leave your suit in your car in extreme temperatures for an extended period of time.
    6. With hologram fabrics, avoid excess exposure to UV rays as this will dull the shine in the fabrics over time.
    7. We know our suits are expensive, and we do our absolute best to craft them as uniquely, durably and elegantly as possible. Handle your suit with care!