♛ Terms and Conditions



ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Suits are made completely from scratch, embellished by hand, and customarily created and tailored exactly to each client’s liking and size. Because of this, suits may NOT be returned nor exchanged, and NO refunds will be granted at any time.

Half of the total balance must be paid to Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC to secure each client's order. Turnaround time only begins once the deposit has been made. The full balance must be paid before each finished suit is shipped or picked up. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Typical turnaround time for custom bikinis is 5-6 weeks; for figure/women’s physique suits, 8-10 weeks, however, turnaround times may increase/decrease depending on our current volume of orders. It is important to follow and turn on post notifications for our Instagram page, @Goddessglamsuits, for up-to-date turnaround times.

Orders requesting a turnaround time of less than 5 weeks are subject to the approval of Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC. If approved, the client may be charged a $35 rush fee. Athletes will be notified if suits cannot be made by their show date before any financial commitment is made.

Beginning December 1, 2016, a $14 shipping fee will be charged to all orders requiring final shipment. Shipment for online fitting assessments (online orders only) from Goddess Glam to the client are included in the suit price, however, the client is responsible for shipment costs back to Goddess Glam for completion of her suit.

All orders placed and delivered in the state of Texas, USA will be charged a state tax of 8.25%.


Order Changes

In the event that a client needs to postpone her show and, therefore, postpone her suit order, the client may do so at any time for however long necessary as the order can be continued from where it was left off. However, it is highly preferred orders be fulfilled and delivered within 185 days of the date of deposit. Beginning January 1, 2018, orders that are fulfilled and delivered after 185 days from the date of deposit will be charged $50 for storage and rescheduling of the order process. To continue a bikini order, the client must notify Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC at least 7 weeks out from her new prospective show date; for a figure/women’s physique suit order, we must be notified at least 9 weeks out from the new prospective show date.

If a client wishes to change the fabric color of her suit, she may do so at no extra charge as long as changes are requested before her suit pieces are initially cut out. Requesting to change the fabric color any time after the suit pieces are cut will result in extra charges to cover further labor costs.

For changes to connector styles, the client may request a switch at any time before the suit is finally shipped. Costs of connectors vary, so depending on the new style requested, the client may be either charged extra or credited for that new style.

Requests for changes to crystal colors must be made prior to the embellishment process. After we have begun to apply crystals, we cannot accommodate changes to crystal colors.

Should the client wish to cancel her order, she may do so ONLY within 7 days of placing her deposit. If canceled within this 7-day period, a refund minus $100 will be granted. After this 7-day period, order cancellations will NOT be accepted under any circumstance, and NO REFUNDS will be granted. The normal production process of the suit will continue as long as the athlete has plans to compete.


Online Fitting Assessments

For online clients residing in the US, online fitting assessments are included in each suit price. Suits will be mailed for the client to try on before embellishment, and it is requested that each client sends full body front/back photos in proper poses wearing her suit per the request of Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC in order to check the fit of the suit. Fitting instructions will be emailed upon shipment of suits for online fitting assessments. If necessary and/or desired, virtual fitting assessments through Facetime may be scheduled.

Clients are responsible for mailing their suits back to Goddess Glam through a reliable mail carrier (USPS Priority, FedEx, or UPS are preferred) within 48 hours for the suit to be completed and delivered punctually.

Should an online client be unable to return her suit after her online fitting assessment within the requested 48 hours of receiving, she must notify Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC ASAP and state when the suit will be returned. Failure to send a suit back within 7 days of receiving for an online fitting assessment may delay the shipment of the finished suit.


Alterations After Completion

It is the client's responsibility to address all issues in regard to fit and quality at the time of the online fitting assessment, and we will make the best possible recommendations for any necessary alterations and, overall, a proper suit fit. We do our absolute best to eliminate any issues in the fit/quality of the suit before the embellishment process to minimize any possible issues after completion. However, we understand concerns may still arise after completion. For any major service requested to be done after the final suit has been delivered, the client will be charged accordingly. Major service includes the following:

  • Reconstruction of any piece of the suit, i.e. one top cup, any number of straps, front of the bottoms
  • Addition of chain connectors or change in connector style
  • Substitution of chain connectors with drawstring straps
  • Additional padding
  • Additional embellishment (not replacement for missing crystals; essentially for altering the design or pattern of the crystals)

Pricing for major service is subject to the type of alteration and time for completion. Please contact us for further inquiries.

For minor service, including crystal replacement for loose or missing crystals, after final delivery, the client will not be charged. Minor service includes the following:

  • Trimming of loose threads
  • Re-stitching loose or broken seams
  • Taking in/out of the bottoms around the hip only (not in coverage; extra slack of about 1.5” is always attached in case bottoms fit too tightly around the hip.
  • Replacement of damaged connectors in the same style as initially ordered (damaged connectors must be returned to receive replacement without being charged)
  • Tightening the top/back straps on a bikini, or tightening/loosening top/back straps on a figure/women’s physique suit
  • Tightening the booty scrunch (bikinis only)
  • Stitching top cups in place

We do not make any changes to crystal designs and patterns after suit completion unless it is for the addition of more crystals. Removing crystals from a finished suit for replacement of new crystals or new design only leaves residue and stains from dried glue and gives a messy appearance. For a new pattern or design, it is best to start from scratch with a brand new suit.

Bikinis and figure/women’s physique suits are NOT convertible.


International Orders

Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC accepts international orders. All international clients have the right to an online fitting assessment but are obligated to cover extra shipping costs associated with this accommodation (international shipments may lengthen the suit's turnaround time due to extended delivery times).

Depending on the country, packages may be held in customs and/or may be taxed. Goddess Glam Competition Suits, LLC is not responsible for neither any extended period of time a suit is held in customs, nor for the billing of any fees pertaining to customs or duty tax. It is the client’s obligation to be aware of and responsible for any such fees. We recommend submitting international orders at least 9 weeks out for bikinis and 12 weeks out for figure/women’s physique suits.


If further clarification of our terms and conditions is needed, please contact us.