SDGB0109 - Goddess Glam Custom Competition Suits


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Thank you for choosing Goddess Glam to design your custom bikini/wellness suit! If you have any questions or concerns on any part of the order process, please feel free to email Maria@goddessglamcompetitionsuits.com at any time.

Please be aware that the advertised price on this product page is the price of this suit exactly as shown in the photo. Your final price may change depending on which connectors and/or accessories you select (shipping is not included in the product price) and will be reflected on your invoice.

Completing the order form below signifies that you would like the same exact Olympian Bling Deluxe Goddess 3-4 color stonework on the suit in the above photo. By completing the order form on this product page, you will not be able to alter the crystal colors/layout in any way. To customize a new competition suit from scratch, please complete the online order form here.

If you would like the same exact connectors as shown on the suit in the above photo, please select the following options in the Connector drop-down menus below:

  • Center Connector: Circle Center Stone
  • Shoulder Connector: 1-row large
  • Hip Connector: 1-row large
  • Back Connector: None

To make any connector substitutions to the suit in the above photo, select your preferences in the connector drop-down menus below. To view all of our available connector options, please view our Connectors pages. 

An in-person fitting or Online Fitting Assessment is included with your order. Please refer to the FAQ page for further details on how we fit our competition suits.

Upon submitting your order form, Maria will email you within 48 hours with an invoice showing your total balance and paid deposit and send a separate email with prospective ship dates for both your Online Fitting Assessment and final shipment.