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♛ Budget Bling Custom Bikinis

Below are several examples of our Budget Bling custom competition bikinis organized from most to least expensive. Pricing is dependent on the amount of stone coverage, as well as connector options.

Our Budget Bling, or rhinestones, is merely an imitation stone of high quality gems, like diamonds, crystals, etc. They cost much less than the Swarovski crystals we use, which in turn lowers the price of a Budget Bling competition suit to accommodate a lower budget, and the color selection is extremely limited as we only choose colors that shine well on stage. Our Budget Bling is, of course, not as high of quality, durability and brilliance as our Swarovski crystals, however, they certainly get the job done in regard to looking bright and blingy on stage.

For more information on the difference between Swarovski crystals and Budget Bling, please refer to the FAQ page. 

To customize your own unique Budget Bling custom competition bikini, email us! Or, to replicate one of these in your size, simply fill out the online order form on our site, and attach a photo of any of the suits below for reference. 

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