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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Goddess Glam Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!


Our BLACK FRIDAY SALE will be live here on our website from 12:00am CST November 23rd through 11:59pm CST November 26th! 


Important info below - CAREFULLY READ:






Visit the Shop page on our website; click on either the “Bikini Black Friday” product OR Figure/WPD Black Friday” product, and check out. ***Be sure to select the correct division you plan to compete in!*** After checking out, your deposit will officially be placed for your 2019 custom suit order, and Maria will follow up via email by Wednesday, November 28th to further discuss your future suit plans.


You do not need to know exactly what you want your suit to look like at the time the deposit is placed as we will officially begin the order process (fill out the online order form, meet for consultations, take measurements, etc.) and finalize details/pricing later on when you are ready to place your order. The purpose of the structure of this sale is to guarantee yourself a spot on our calendar early on for next season without having to worry about what your suit will look like until you have at least selected a show date while also locking in our highest discount rates. If by chance you are interested in placing an order ASAP, let us know right away, and we will proceed with our custom order process.




The $100 deposit is non-refundable and must be placed between the above said dates and times to secure a discount. Both discounts are eligible for exactly 1 year, meaning an order must be placed within 365 days from the date of deposit for discount application. If the one-year mark has passed and you still have not placed an order to use your discount, the discount will expire, however, we still will apply your deposit toward another future suit order. This discount will not be combined with any other discounts or offers, nor can it be transferred to another athlete. If you have previously placed a deposit with us from any show/expo and have NOT YET applied said previous discount, you are NOT eligible for this offer. However, if you have previously placed a deposit with us from any show/expo, have already fulfilled your order and paid off your balance, you ARE eligible for this offer.


Feel free to shoot us an email if any clarifications are needed! We look forward to working with all you Goddesses in 2019 🖤

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